Awesome! As photographers ourselves, we are photo snobs and deliver only the highest quality prints! We have a state-of-the-art photo booth with professional camera and photographic lighting to make sure you look amazing—with or without that fetching pink wig from the prop bag.
Have you ever tried to fit ten people in a phone booth?   No, you haven’t because it’s no fun and there aren’t phone booths anymore anyways. (What happens when Clark Kent needs to change into Superman? Did anyone think about this when we invented cell phones? Anyone?!?) But…the point: you want to have plenty of room for all the people and all the fun, and a tiny photo booth just doesn’t bring it.
Typically a 7’ x 6’ area is large enough, but we prefer 9’ x 9’ if possible. The booth is very versatile and can be enlarged or scaled down depending on the situation. (But we still won’t put it in a phone booth. If we could even find one.)
You will be gobsmacked at what our booth can do. Photos? Natch. GIF animations? Yessir. Instant social sharing? Yasss! Personally, we really wish the booth could do our laundry or help us win at Scrabble, but people are more excited about the social sharing thing.
Nope, we can set the booth up outside as long as there is no rain or strong wind (hail, hurricanes, or thunder-snow would also be a problem). We love being outside, but the booth is not waterproof and neither are we.
Yes!  Most packages include unlimited printing! You will receive two 2×6 photo strips or one 4×6 photo per booth session unless you have a large group and then we print more! We should all have a souvenir photograph of ourselves while wearing a pirate hat with big funny glasses. And when we say all, we mean you.
We have a solution for that too! Yes, just like Sinatra said “I’ll have it my way.”  You can too, just call to discuss custom options.
Great question! Our whiz-bang booth can print in multiple sizes: two 2×6 photo strips, one 5×7 print or one 4×6 print.  If you want to great really crazy we can do 6 x8 prints!
Quicker than you can send a text! Actually, we don’t know how quickly you text, but it prints in about 12 seconds. That’s fast yo.
We encourage it! Our booth is set up to help you make everyone you know insanely jealous of the fun you are having at this amazing event. We can help you brainstorm #cool #hashtags #too.
Yes! You will be our favorite clients because we love to come up with new creations. We can put together anything from a simple poster to a fully-themed environment, including special props and backdrops. And if you need inspiration, just ask us for ideas—we’re full of ‘em. (Giant zombie squid? We’d love for someone to take that idea and run with it.
Absolutely. Printing packages come with the ability to customize the prints with just about anything, including your name, the date of the event, and your company logo. Or if you just want to put “Smile Laugh Share ROCKS” all over them, we’ll let you do that too.
We will give you your images on a CD so you can relive the fun any time you want.
We think it’s likely. We are happy to add an online gallery for you as a customized option to your package! #picsoritdidnthappen
You betcha! We happily travel up to 20 miles from the 28115 zip code area. If you are further away, please just add $.50/mile. For very long distances, let’s talk about it and see what we can do. But if you want to fly us and our booth to Bali on your private jet, the answer is yes.
Idle time is when the booth is not being used—usually before the event begins. For example, if your event doesn’t start until 6pm, but you need the booth set up at 4pm then there would be two hours of idle time. Idle time is $45/hour—less if you let us win at Scrabble while we wait.
We thought you’d never ask! We offer customized packages, photo albums, online photo galleries, additional prints, custom props, and custom backgrounds. No phone booths though. Or laundry. (These in jokes are ONLY for people who have read the entire FAQ.)
We offer three main packages with lots of add on options in order to give you exactly what you want from length of coverage to specialty backgrounds and extras. Click here to see package options.
All packages include booth time, props, a professional attendant, a background, animated GIFs and unlimited printing. See packages for more details.
You have the option of choosing how you want your event printed. (Oh, the power!) We can even do special filters that give fun and funky looks to your photos.
Don’t worry, we are totally covered if anything breaks…just try not to break anything.


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