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Photo Booth Entertainment vs Coffee Bar

Photo Booth or Coffee Bar Once upon a time, an event planner I knew told me about a couple that were on a tight budget for their wedding, and she was working with them on how to allocate money for their “fun” item to have at the reception. The options were a coffee bar and a photo…

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Photo Booth Event

Do I really need a photo booth at my event?

“Do I really need a photo booth at my event?” Sometimes I get this question when people are wondering if they should invest in having a photo booth at their event.  My answer before my story below would have been, “No, you don’t really need it.  It’s just added expense to your event and that money could…

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Not all photo booths are the same…….

Hello Everyone!  First and foremost let me just say, I am not a writer by any means. I’m an artist and I would prefer showing you what I do and love.  That’s photography in any form I can get! That includes a photo booth, but not just any photo booth. I have a company called Smile Laugh Share…

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